Let’s make magic…

Can you spot where this takes a turn for the cyber-bedroom? Being the nice girl I am, I tried to give him a chance….magic my ass.




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No longer a IM-writer Virgin

This was my first come-on in the form of brainstorming. I’m still not buying that he had “pure” intentions as you’ll see at then end where he gets mad at ME for thinking he’s a HNG. Yeah…ok….


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Welcome to my World

Welcome to my world. If you are a girl…you’ve been asked to cyber in so many ways by so many guys you’d be rich by now if they paid you for it. Since it’s cyber land why would they bother though? It’s all about the free jerk off, isn’t it ladies?

I’ve had a lot of instant messanger names with lots of different profiles to go with them. When I had your basic profile I got a typical number of guys wanting to marry me, come visit me, or do the deed. I don’t do it on the first date…why would I the first time we message??

When I had adult profiles I expected messages like that. It’s part of the territory. What do you expect to get when you are trying to get guys to go to an adult pay site. I’m not a moron.

But nothing beats the imaginative and amazing crap that I’ve been approached with since creating a profile that advertizes my interests in writing, fantasy, supernatural, horror, and sci-fiction.

You may want to bookmark this page because it looks to have some of the most amusing come-ons out there. We’re all sure to be amused!

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